Mike Gittings #39

Mike Gittings #39


Race Calendar / Archive Results

Historic Race Results

2022 Calendar and Results 

Full season at No limits Racing planned:

Sat 19th March- Silverstone National 

Sun 20th March- Silverstone National 

Sat 9th April- Snetterton 

Sun 10th April- Snetterton 

Sat 7th May- Donnington National 

Sun 8th May- Donnington National 

Sat 11th June - Croft

Sun 12th June- Croft

Sat 9th July- Anglesey 

Sun 10th July- Anglesey 

Sat 30th July- Brands Hatch Indy

Sun 31st July- Brands Hatch GP

Sat 3rd September- Cadwell Park 

Sun 4th September- Cadwell Park 

Sat 8th October- Donnington GP

Sun 9th October- Donnington GP


Sat 15th May- Darley Moor BHR ~ 2nd in class

Sun 16th May- Darley Moor BHR ~ 2nd in class

Sun 29th Aug- Tonfonau Round 1 ~ 6th in class 


9th/10th May- Hengelo (Holland) Belgium Twin Trophy Road Race challenge round 1 ~ Cancelled due to Covid-19

18th/19th July- Aberdare Park ~ postponed

24th-26th July- Chimay (Belgium) BTTRRC round 2 ~ Cancelled due to Covid-19

30th August- Tonfanau round 4 ~ Cancelled due to Covid-19. 

11th/12th September- Cookstown (Northen Ireland) road race. ~ Qualified for Jr Support, finished 16th.

19th/20th September- Frohburger Dreieck (Germany) BTTRRC Round 4 ~ Cancelled due to Covid-19 


Sun 7th April- Darley Moor round 1 ~ 2nd in class on 650.

Sat 18th June -Darley Moor BHR ~ 2nd and 1st in class GSXR1100.

Sun 19th June- Darley Moor BHR~ 1st in class GSXR1100.

Sun 16th June- Darley Moor round 3 ~ 3rd in class on 650.

Sat 22nd June - Lydden Hill BHR ~ 1st in class both races

Sun 23rd June- Lydden Hill BHR ~ 1st in class both races

Sat 10th August- BHR 3 Sisters ~ 1st in class

Sat 28th September- BHR Cadwell Park ~ 3rd in class

Sunday 13th October- Darley Moor Stars meeting ~ 5th in Mini Sound of Thunder

Final standing

1st (Champion)- BHR 80s Superbike 750cc-1300cc championship

4th Darley Moor Mini Sound of Thunder


Sun 1st April - Tonfanau round 1~ Meeting cancelled waterlogged pit area.

Sun 27th May- Tonfonau Round 2 ~ DNF Clutch problem

Sun 17th June - Darley Moor Round 3 ~ 7th in class

Sun 1st July- Tonfonau Round 3 ~ 10th in class

Sat 14th July- Aintree Round 3 ~ DNF Engine Failure

# late entry# Mallory Park 28th July -riding the RV Racing SV ~ 14th from 28th on grid

Sun 26th Aug- Tonfonau Round 4 ~ 4th in class

Sat 15th Sep- Aintree Round 5 ~ 11th in class

Sun 23rd Sep- Mallory (Emra) ~ 15th overall

Sat 6th Oct - Donnington Park (No limits club)- DNF Crash

Sun 7th Oct- Donnington Park (No limits club)- 4th in class

Sun 14th Oct- 3 sisters  (pdmcc round 6)- 16th in class


Sun 2nd April - Darley Moor Round 1~ DNF Engine Failure

Sun 15th April- Tonfonau Round 1~ 9th in class

Mon 1st May- Darley Moor Round 2~8th in class

Sat 13th May- Aintree Round 1~ 8th in class

10th June- Aintree Round 2 ~ 11th in class.

18th June Darley Moor Round 3 ~ 7th in class.

2nd July Tonfonau Round 3 ~ 3rd in class

15th July Aintree Round 3~ 8th in class

16th July Darley Moor Round 4 ~ DNF Clutch problem

29-30th July Anglesey (Wirral 100 round 5) ~ 9th in Lightweight open race

13th August Darley Moor Round 5 ~ 9th in class

Sun 8th October Stars at Darley Moor ~ 16th overall.