Mike Gittings #39

Mike Gittings #39


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15 Jan 2017

Mallory Plum Pudding 26/12/16- Mike competed in the final race of the year at Mallory Park. On the day the classes were all combined to create one large grid. The track conditions were cold and drying, Mike opted to use the dry tyres which made the first race difficult and with a lot of others crashing he opted to retire and bring the bike in safely for the second race.

Conditions had improved slightly for the second race and after qualifying 28th, Mike gained several positions and finished in 18th. Though not near the front, Mike was happy with this result as it was an open class and the majority of bikes in front were from much higher cc classes.

Completing the race also gave Mike the signature of a third track to go towards getting his licence upgraded to Clubman. Mike now only needs two more finishes to be able to upgrade his licence. 

3 Dec 2016

Final race of the year-

Mike has confirmed entry to the Plum Pudding race at Mallory Park on the 26th of December. Bikes will be split into just two classes with upto and over 400 cc races. Mike will be on his SV650 in the over 400 cc class. Advance spectator tickets are available online or can be purchased on the day for those wishing to come and watch.

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